Agile App Development with iVerticle ERP

We build using the latest web based technologies including, REST API’s that allows you to customize as needed

Why The iVerticle Framework?

We built and managed open source ERP systems for a number of years and contributed and maintained these systems for our clients. We found is that the expense of building and maintaining these solutions for our clients was not cost effective and the cost of “free Open Source” for business process software, was costing companies more in the long run, and not meeting their business needs.

While we still believe and support open source projects, for ERP solutions we found that building a framework that would support future growth was worth the 10 year iVerticle investment and our clients agree

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions, but feel free to contact us

What does your system cost?

We have projects and customers that have as few as 3 users and some that have several thousand so the cost can vary depending on the need and scope

Do you host the systems you build?

We use Amazon AWS services to host all of our applications and databases etc. This secure environment we have been using since 2005

What Your Developer Rates?

Depending on the level of expertise needed to either configure and or customize the development the rates are $75 to $175 per hour of development

Do you have API's access?

Yes we have rest api’s that can be accessed to build your own app connecting to our database and server layers

Do you have prebuilt applications I can use and white label?

Yes we have numerous applications that we have built over the past decade and these can be white labeled and or branded to you business or service

Do you have a partner or reseller program?

Yes we have and are interested in partner programs. Depending on the business vertical we will define the responsibilities or each of the partner groups